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The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, so we must and we will. - Theodore Roosevelt


We are a nonprofit environmental law firm committed to saving marine wildlife by enforcing, strengthening, and developing protective laws, treaties, policies and practices worldwide.

Our core team consists of multiple attorneys supported by allies including scientific advisors, investigators, law school environmental programs, and government officials. We work together to effectively protect marine wildlife and habitats across the globe.

Core Team

Catherine Pruett, JD, MPA
Executive Director / Founder

Catherine Pruett co-founded Sea Shepherd Legal in 2014. Conversant in science, law and environmental policy, Catherine brings passion ...

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Brett Sommermeyer, JD, MPA
Legal Director / Founder

Brett Sommermeyer co-founded Sea Shepherd Legal in 2014. Coupled with a longstanding commitment to the protection of marine wildlife and ...

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Nick Fromherz, JD
Senior Attorney

As Senior Attorney for Sea Shepherd Legal, Nick’s practice involves a mixture of domestic and international law. Nick has served as a Visiting ...

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Board of Directors

Paul Watson

Paul is a marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist from Toronto, Canada. He was one of the founding members and directors of ...

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Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson joined the Sea Shepherd Legal board in late 2016. She has dedicated her time and resources to human and animal rights, and ...

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Peter Rysman

Peter Rysman has a long history of community involvement and environmental concerns. In his hometown, he was President of the Key West ...

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Tambrey Laine

Tambrey Laine joined the Sea Shepherd legal Board of Directors in late 2016. A graduate of The University of South Florida’s School of Mass ...

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Pritam Singh

Pritam Singh is an environmental and social activist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and engaged student of religion and philosophy. Pritam ...

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Catherine Pruett
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Brett Sommermeyer
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