December 21st, 2018

Last week, Peruvian judges and other government officials gathered in the Amazonian city of Pucallpa for the Second International Congress for Environmental Justice. With more than 112 judges in attendance, in addition to representatives from Chile, Colombia, and the Organization of American States, the participants met over the course of three days to improve judicial treatment of offenses against the environment.

Among the highlights of this conference was the presentation of Sea Shepherd Legal's manual for Peruvian prosecutors and judges seeking to stem the tide of environmental crime. As mentioned in our last post, we co-published this book with the key assistance of César A. Ipenza Peralta, a recognized expert and close colleague. The manual, entitled “Manual de Delitos Ambientales: Una Herramienta para Operadores de Justicia Ambiental,” provides practical legal advice for government officials pursuing criminal remedies against those who desecrate the land and sea. The manual includes a section, authored by Sea Shepherd Legal, that specifically focuses on the application of Peruvian criminal law to IUU fishing.

Based on the line of judges seeking Dr. Ipenza’s autograph of the book, it is apparent that the volume was a hit! In the coming weeks, the book will be published online and presented to a broader audience in Lima.

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