December 15th, 2018

For far too long, offenses against the environment have been seen as just that – offenses, typically of an administrative nature, rather than crimes. This is especially true in the context of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Government responses to IUU fishing have historically included license revocations and low-level fines – hardly the stuff of meaningful deterrence. But with IUU fishing decimating marine wildlife around the world, it is high time for a paradigm shift.

Against this backdrop, Sea Shepherd Legal is honored to announce the publication of a new manual for Peruvian prosecutors and judges seeking to stem the tide of environmental crime. This manual, entitled “Manual de Delitos Ambientales: Una Herramienta para Operadores de Justicia Ambiental,” provides practical legal advice for government officials pursuing criminal remedies against those who desecrate the land and sea. The manual includes a section, authored by Sea Shepherd Legal, that specifically focuses on the application of Peruvian criminal law to IUU fishing.

Sea Shepherd Legal was honored to partner with the following individuals, organizations, and government agencies in the publication of this manual: César A. Ipenza Peralta; Derecho, Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (Law, Environment, and Natural Resources); la Procuraduría Pública Especializada en Materia Ambiental (the Office of the Attorney General for Environmental Matters); and la Comisión Nacional de Gestión Ambiental del Poder Judicial (the Judiciary’s National Commission for Environmental Management).

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