Marco García León, LLB

Marco joined the Sea Shepherd Legal team as Staff Attorney in June 2020, in order to help improve protections for marine wildlife and habitats in Latin America and beyond. Since earning his law degree in 2011 with distinction from the Universidad Diego Portales Law in Santiago, Chile, Marco has focused on international and environmental law, working on transnational matters in both the Netherlands and Chile. Marco’s commitment to environmental welfare is longstanding. He joined the Sea Shepherd movement as a volunteer in 2008. In 2011, Marco was named Country Director of Sea Shepherd Chile and, in 2014, joined Operation Zero Tolerance, Sea Shepherd’s most successful anti-whaling campaign in Antarctica, saving 932 whales from illegal hunting. Since 2013, Marco has served as the Latin America Coordinator for Sea Shepherd Global, supporting the development and local activities of Sea Shepherd entities in the region. In 2013, Marco was recognized as one of 100 top young leaders by Chilean magazine El Mercurio for his contribution to the environment and marine wildlife.

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